1. hiiip-hop asked: I really want to start producing.. and I want to know what is the necessary equipment to get started? Any software programs? And possibly price?

    Ok….this is gonna be a long answer my man haha but I’m happy you asked it!

    Basically it will all depend on a few different factors like type of computer, budget, sampling or live instruments and so on.

    So since you’re at the basics and want to start out this what I suggest.

    First, what operating system do you have and is it up to standards? A normal computer should do you fine especially for starting out because the demand on your CPU won’t be that much.

    Software is gonna be your choice. You have Fl Studio, Protools, Reason, Logic and a bunch of others to start with. Luckily, most if not all of these have demos so you can try out and select which one you like the best. I went with Fl Studio because I felt it was the easiest to use and extremely user friendly. You can also find Fl Studio online with a coupon code for around $89 so not that expensive.

    Next you’ll need an audio interface unless you wanna work off headphones forever, which no one does. I started with the Fast Track Pro, I got it from Ebay for a little over $100 and it’s perfect for beginners. You can shop around your local guitar center then check prices on the internet and select the best option.

    Next would be decent studio monitors (speakers). I went with KRK Rokit 6 cuz I got the blue ones for $150 a piece but you could prolly get the Rokit 5 Generation 1 models for about $100 a piece. I wouldn’t suggest buying used speakers tho, definitely go for new ones that have warranties just incase.

    Finally I would say to get a MIDI controller. I got the Keystudio keyboard for about $100, but I’m sure you can find it cheaper. It’s a nice beginner keyboard and I still currently use it. You could also get a cheaper drumpad from akai for around $100 too.

    That should be all you need. I know it can get expensive but if you shop around online you can definitely find some good deals. I advise you NOT to download anything pirated tho, just too many viruses out there man.

    So just take it in stages first. Find a nice software you like, then a decent audio interface, then grab some nice studio monitors and finally pick up a MIDI controller and you should be all set my man.

    I know there’s a TON of gear out there and you prolly have a few questions so hit me up if you need anything!

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  6. hiphoprecords asked: Hi dude, nice to meet you. Im a New Beatmaker and i checked your beats on soundcloud, they are good. I followed you. YOu have a Machine? Im Playing on the Akai Mpc 1000 :)

    Hey whatsup hiphoprecords!

    I like your beats! Real chilled and laid back, Im really liking the vibe “Rain” has.

    Some of my friends use the 1000 and they love it, I wanna get the Maschine Studio but definitely cant commit to that $1000 purchase just yet haha.

    I have a question for you. I wanted to get more into sampling and was looking to buy a decent record player, do you have any in mind or maybe the one your using?


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  11. slimxmenace asked: Do u know how i can get free protools or fl studio?

    You can prolly try to download them but I would highly advise against it cuz all those damn viruses.

    I tried downloading something and spent the next 5 hours trying to delete malware from my computer, its not worth it man.

    I know money may be tight and production shit is a lil expensive but you can get fl studio for about $89 with a promotional code from their site.

    Throw that shit in google, you may be able to get it for cheaper.

    Try to buy legit and support the people who allow us to do what we love and hopefully when your tracks blow up fans will support you!!

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  14. dreamxfly asked: Hey I really like your beats! I rap, sing & etc. I was wondering if you would want to do some work?

    For sure, Im always willing to collab man.

    I want to start pushing a lot of material out, you got a dope flow so we could prolly make something good.

    I got a few tracks up on soundcloud so if you like any specific ones let me know.


  15. electronicmusique asked: Hey you should consider puting an image in the tumblr Thumbnail, it appears like it's a default tumblr image. And i love your stuff on soundcloud by the way, awesome beats!

    Oh damn I always say im gonna and forget to.

    Thanks man about to change it now.

    Thanks for the support!!